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Language map

Language map is a new type of a phrase book, where the language is presented in the shape of a map, where any person, even if they never ever learnt a foreign tongue before, can create 100% correct sentences in this language by “stringing” words together according to the unique pattern of that language (based on their function in the sentence). 

The idea is that every language has its own unique structure. In most of the cases native speaker of certain language will arrange sentence parts in a specific order(syntax). This order was our main goal. So we analyzed thousands of sentences in Chinese and Hebrew and Russian and managed to extract lingual patterns of each language. Then we have filtered 700 most used words of any language (pronouns, nouns, verbs, adjectives, space prepositions) and arranged them on the map according to the place they would take in a sentence.


This is how it works: 

According to my current research this tool when used in language learning reduces foreign language anxiety.  And language mapping(is when one takes an empty language map and fills it in with every word one learns with teachers guidance. It is less frustrating for a student since all he/she learned is in one place and he/she doesn't need to check all of his notebooks/textbooks/drafts etc.) as a learning strategy makes language learning more effective.

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